The Benefits

Pricing  Take advantage of buying power achieved through volume purchasing.

Customization  Set up and choice of product is not limited to a specific product line.     Products can be sourced for a specific project.

Continuity  Product chosen will remain available to operators post-opening.

Ordering Efficiency  Save time and cost through one-stop shopping.

Reduced administration costs  Deal with one purchase order and one invoice rather   than dozens.

Receiving efficiencies  Only one shipment of housewares and linens rather than numerous deliveries from numerous suppliers reduces receiving time and losses.  Product is delivered to and stored in locked guest suites.

Quality product development  Items supplied have been tested and tried by the condo hotel market and meet the tests of Quality – Durability – Availability – Aesthetics –  Price.

Post-opening support. Operators deal with one source post opening for re-ordering and problem solving.  No minimums on refurbishment orders.

Service & Experience  ABDM has over 15 years specialist experience in purchasing supplies for condo hotels.  ABDM’s principal, Alan Sacks has been actively involved in the hospitality industry for over 25 years as a manager of hotels and as a service provider.

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